Three Thanksgivings

27 Nov

We went to my grandmother’s first had Thanksgiving lunch with all the trimmings. We moved on to my aunt and uncles for dessert. We talked and enjoyed our time then it we moved on to our final destination, my in-laws. I feel like the stuffed turkey.

We watched the lighting of the great Macy’s tree and then Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving. It was a nice day with family. Husband’s brother could not come due to illness. The girls were sick of turkey by the time we got to my in-laws. They did eat much but they loved the cute lion cupcakes that my mother in law made. We have so many desserts around here we could start a sweet shop.

I also got some interesting news from a friend. I will not go into details but she and her husband are getting  a divorce. She just found out she was pregnant after they split. She is adjusting to being a single parent and having another baby on her own. They have two other children 5 and 2. I know this is a hard time for her. Keep my friend in your prayers. I am also praying another friend whose husband walked out on her and her three children at he first of the year. He does see them every weekend but I am praying for a total restoration. He is not a bad person but felt like they would be better off without him. Just keep my friends and their families in your prayers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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