Childhood Friends

30 Nov

I am now officially saying Carter’s store is the meeting place for all people in my past. I saw an old friend a year ago and yesterday one of my best friends from childhood said, my name. I turned around. Oh my goodness. She is married and has a little girl just a month or two older than Peanut. Her sister was with her and she has a little girl too. I got her email address and she is not that far from me so hopefully we’ll stay in touch. It is neat to see those in your past in the most interesting places. At that very moment had I not come out to pay for my item or had I gone to another store I would have missed her. How many times do we have encounters like that?  Where we see or miss someone we were thinking about. I was just thinking about her the other day. I call these divine opportunities.

Have you had a “divine opportunity” from someone in your past?

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