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30 Dec

So I had a conversation with a dear friend today whose husband walked out shortly after their 9th wedding anniversary. He is all better now and living on his own and wants a divorce at some point. He thought about filing for  it right before Christmas but said the kids would not get Christmas due to the expense. How noble of him to wait!

I just don’t know how anyone can just walk out on their family. I had one word for my friend he selfish. He left for himself, he was not happy, he is healing now and does not want to go back to the past. It is all about him.

What about marriage vows?  What about the covenant you make with that other person to look after them and honor them.

I pray she gets blessing upon blessing in her life. She is such a giving and wonderful person and she deserves so much more. I just don’t understand how someone can disregard those vows and look out only for themselves. He has disregarded his wife, and children. I am baffled by the whole thing. I cannot even imagine what my friend is dealing with. Sometimes I just want to slap this guy upside the head.

She told me that God has really helped her through this and we were both commenting we do not know where we would be without him. When the crisis of this world come He not man is our only hope. I firmly believe that I would not be in this life if not for God. I was so devestated by the loss of my father that I wanted to die. I knew though God had a plan for my life. My friend knows no matter how painful this loss that God has a plan for her life and her children. You would like to know that included your spouse but she knows with or without him she was given life for a reason!


So Sweet

30 Dec

Our bedtime routine has changed a bit since my handsome hubby is working a different schedule. Pooky asked me tonight if she could read to peanut. She was so cute she sounded all adult like and said “peanut pick out a book.” Peanut did and then climbed in the chair and pooky read to her. I captured a few pics of the event. It was so incredibly sweet.

My Poor Neglected Blog

28 Dec

I feel like I have abandoned my blog with the holidays and I am a facebook junkie. Do they have FB addicts groups. I have met up with so many friends from the past and present. Anyway, I am back and I will try to write something every day!

Happy 2009, almost!

Traditions: Our yearly Pink Pig Ride

28 Dec

We started this tradition last year riding the Pink Pig first introduced by Riches and taken over by Macy’s. All proceeds go to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

We are always the first in line. After our ride, the girls may pick one souvenier. We go down to Star bucks and get a pepperment hot cocoa and come home. Although yesterday we stopped at the posh Target downtown. They have so much more then ours in the suburbs.

Here are a few pictures from our fun day! We also got kicked out of Santa’s chair from the local security guard. We did manage to get a few cute pictures before we were asked to leave. There were no signs posted and it was so inviting. You’ll see!

Happy New Years!

28 Dec

It feels so strange saying that. I am glad to be saying good bye to 2008. It was a rough year and I am praying 2009 will be a much better year.

We pray many blessings to you and your family.

I did get one Christmas wish though a family picture at 12 AM at the Magical Nights of lights. We were all looking at the camera and it was a wonderful ending to a crazy night. We had been in the car for over 3 1/2 hours (this is only about 30 minutes from our house) going to look at the beautiful lights at Lake Lanier Islands. Traffic was horrible but my darling girls did so well for me not having any snacks and no toys or DVDs. As you can see I did not realize we would be in this situation. We got home at 1:00 AM. Despite all this we had a really nice family time with all four of us and my in-laws. It was a crazy Christmas memory we will not soon forget.

Here is my beloved family picture!

My Hubby and Me

19 Dec

Ok for many years I have not wanted to be in pictures because I have some pounds I need to shed but I just decided that I want a picture of my hubby and me and my kids so here is one with my hubby.

Merry Christmas!

19 Dec

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!