Thrifty Thursday

4 Dec

Our local radio station, 104.7 the fish, has something called Thrifty Thursdays with the economic times. They had this awesome lady named Jane who owns a business called

Basically, you input some information and they email you a list of meals for the week based on the sale ads for whatever store you shop. If you shop at Wal-mart then they look up the sale ads for that week and base your menu for the week on that. They have hundreds of recipes. They can even divise a plan based on your diet such as low fat, low carb, vegetarian and weight watchers. You do pay a small fee, maybe five dollars for the month and you have meals for your family.

Apparently this has saved many families tons of money. This is the mission of Jane and her partners to help families save money and be together at the dinner table. She is a mom herself and she knows what it is like to not plan your meals out then you get in the rut of eating out thus blowing your monthly budget.  I am definitely going to check this out since I have trouble figuring out what to cook or have for dinner, especially on the weekends when I woudl rather not cook.

They also have a holiday menu guide for families and dinner parties. This is so cool! I was just thinking that I was in a rut trying to plan out my weekly meals and Jane came on this morning.

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