Santa Clause

5 Dec

I was reading the paper this morning and read the saddest stories of kids not asking Santa for the usual Xbox or Wii. They are asking Santa for daddy a job or money to keep or buy back their home. I don’t remember Christmas being like this before. It is just sad. The Santa clause that was interviewed stated that you cannot make promises to these kids, you just have to tell them it will be ok or things will get better soon. I cannot imagine what these kids are going through.

My best friend’s brother in law just lost their house to foreclosure and filed for bankruptcy. They had to move several states away to a mobile home. They have two children 8 and 5. Their girls were so upset at having to leave their friends, their home and family all within a matter of days.

My heart breaks for these families. This seems to be the norm these days. I am praying for all these families but also thanking God my husband found a job and we have food, clothing and shelter. I think this Thanksgiving I am more thankful than ever.

I know this has to be a hard burden to bear if you are playing Santa Clause. I pray that all Santas will be sensitive.

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