Health Insurance

16 Dec

Husband just switched jobs back in Oct and we now have insurance through his company. Well I went to get one of his perscriptions filled that he uses everday and it was denied. They will only cover generic. Normally, we use generic but his doctor told him do not use the generic because there has been bad side effects including life threatening effects in people including some of my patients. The pharmecist told me that even if the doctor authorizes it the insurance company can still deny it. This drug is $500 a month. This is crazy that they will not cover it. The insurance guys sit on their fat you know what dictating what they will and will not cover never taking into account the person. They are only interested in bottom lines and profits. So if they still refuse to cover it, I am going out to look for a night time job. This way I can still stay home with my kids but make the money we need to pay for this drug.

Please keep this in your prayers. We are praying for some miracle that they will cover this or we get a huge raise to cover the cost of this drug.

Update: In less than 24 hours it cleared insurance. Praise Jesus! They said they had never seen anything so quick before. It is all God! Thank you for your prayers!

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