Caroline Kennedy

6 Jan

Ok when I heard about this possible appointment to the senate I was less than thrilled after hearing her credentials.  I heard a statement by Whoppi Goldberg on the view this morning that struck me, and put myself in her place. Whoppi said, ” If you had to pay a woman what she was worth for staying home and doing all she does, you could not afford it.”  I am a stay at home mom and while I don’t know a lot about politics I am essentially running a small business.  She also chose to stay home and take care of her children and husband, and now she wants to make a difference in congress. I am not sure her reasoning for wanting to get into the political arena but all the negative press on her ranks up there with Sarah Palin . Why are we so judgmental when it comes to women in politics?

Now obviously I am not a fan since I tend to be more conservative; however, I want to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Hardly anyone gave Sarah Palin the chance she deserved. She was criticized up and down for working and haveing so many children. They said she was not qualified which I totally disagree with.

Anyway, I find it interesting that now Caroline Kennedy is being criticized for the opposite problem she has not paid her dues, she’s a woman with a famous name and no real job, and she has a very short record even in voting and contributitons. Does that really make someone disqualified. Think about all the men who went to congress for the first time and had never been in the politcal arena. Everyone has to start somewhere and disqualifying a woman because she chose to stay home and raise a family should not count against her. It is not easy the role of mom, stay at home mom, working mom or whatever your title may be. It is a 24/7 job! You are essentially running a small business. I just wanted to bring another point into view.

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