God is so amazing!

7 Jan

Monday our washer was just short of catching on fire. The amazement in that is I should have done it earlier in the day but did not get to it so I started it late evening and it started smoking. If I had done laudry earlier, it could have actually caught on fire. What if I had been down the street getting pookie? We had our old washer in storage and it works great. Husband’s father came over and helped exchange out the washer so we did not have to buy one. Also, the power went out in several rooms early this morning. We thought it was some major electrical issue. We prayed and husband’s father fixed it for $12. It was just a bad outlet. For all of this, I say God is amazing!

The second story is with all the rain and then wind a friend’s tree fell on her house and went through a portion of the house. The amazing thing is my friend’s brother in law came over and took the tree out, patched up the hole and contacted a  friend who will fix the siding and roof for free. He is a contractor and they trade business. This just saved my friend $1,000. This is what she would have had to pay if she had gone through insurance. My friend is seperated from her husband so it is hard yet God was looking out for her and her kids. Today she had kept her kids out due to illness and had the tree gone in the other direction her daughter may have been seriously hurt. For this I say, God is amazing!


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  1. faemom January 9, 2009 at 5:24 pm #

    That’s awesome! It’s so nice to see God’s hand in things when everything works so perfectly.

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