Remnant II: The fear of the Lord

15 Jan

Here is our Pastor’s second message on the Remnant:

The Remnant II: The Fear of the Lord
As we read through the scriptures, we find a lot of references to “the fear of the Lord.” The fact that it comes up so much is evidence to the fact that it has a high priority in God’s eyes. But, have you ever wondered what it really means to have”the fear of the Lord”? Does it mean that we’re supposed to be afraid of God? The answer is: no, having the fear of the Lord doesn’t mean that we’re afraid or scared of Him. Rather, the fear of the Lord is about reverencing Him – showing Him the respect and honor He’s due. And this is an essential characteristic of those He has called out to be a part of The Remnant.

Right now, the world is being shaken. There’s a lot of turmoil. Our tendency, when we don’t have a healthy dose of the fear of the Lord, will be to fall away in times like these. On the other hand, as we learn the fear of the Lord, we begin to press in closer and closer when times of shaking come. As a result, those who fear the Lord experience great benefits like: peace, confidence in life and the future, protection, mercy, riches, honor, life and a blessed family, even in the midst of difficult times. I want all that. Don’t you?

So, what does it mean to have the fear of the Lord? Honestly, for many years I didn’t understand it. So I started studying it. As I did so, I began to understand that one of the key meanings is a willingness to obey the Word of Lord whether we agree with it or not. We have to decide whether we will go with our own will or trust in God’s. And frankly, God’s will may not always be appealing to us at first. However, it will always result in blessing and the benefits I mentioned above.

There are three primary areas in which we demonstrate the fear of the Lord: in our worship, in our resources and in our bodies. If you want to know what that looks like practically, I encourage you to listen to or watch the message from this last weekend – there’s too much to write here. Instead, I want to urge you to take a moment and seriously ask yourself,”Do I fear the Lord? Do I truly honor and reverence Him in my worship, my resources and my body?” If so, then you’re already on the right path and a part of The Remnant. If not, the Lord is inviting you start now. I say, don’t wait any longer!

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