Farewell President Bush

19 Jan

I know I am in the minority on this but I really like President Bush. I did not agree with all of his policies or how he handled such situations  as Katrina and the bail outs but He is a man of integrity and a God fearing man. I know he has great compassion and tried his hardest to uphold his oath of office. He protected this country after 9/11 and we have not had another attack on our soil. He honored our miliatary men and women and he did a lot for Africa that is not mentioned by the mainstream media. Apparently, he has given a lot of  aid and helped to give them much needed supplies to treat and prevent aids.

I also liked his policies standing firm with his prolife stance. I also liked the “bush tax cuts” that also gave my family extra credit toward our taxes because we had our children otherwise we would be paying a lot.

President Bush I think you did the very best you knew how to do and I think you are one of the best Presidents we’ve had. I admire you and your wonderful wife Laura and I wish you the very best in this next life you lead. May history tell that you were one of the best for all that you tried to achieve and thank you for standing up and not backing down even though it hurt you politically and in the polls. I admire you tenacity. Thank you for accepting the call to serve this great country of ours!  You are an honorable man and I pray many blessings on your life!

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