One mom to another

19 Jan

A mom I have recently connected with asked me about scheduling advice for her 15 mos old and 5 year old. Her husband is gone a lot.

Here is what I wrote that has helped me:

As far as scheduling, I am just a really organized person. I think it is built into my DNA. I keep my 2 year old pinned in with toys and TV on sometimes and that is how I get laundry and stuff like that done or I will put her in her highchair and give her some toys and wash up dishes, unload dishwasher etc. She is wild girl and sometimes gets in her mischievous moods where she gets into things, tears things apart. Every day she gets lunch around 12 or 12:30 and then goes down for a nap around 1. I am really consistent and even if the time changes due to errands or what not I am consistent with the routine. This is how Peanut knows what comes next. Bed time is the same: we have dinner then play time then clean up, snack, bath time and off to bed. I put both girls to bed by myself so they get a bath together then my 2 year old is on the potty while I am getting my 6 year old out then she is off to her room and gets ready for bed. I put Peanut to bed and it only takes about 10 or so minutes because I lay everything out while they are having snack so I am one step ahead. otherwise I am chasing Peanut down trying to get everything ready. Then I say goodnight and prayers then and Peanut goes to sleep. I am off to Pookie’s room and I read her a  book and prayers then she is off to sleep.

I hope this helps. You can do your schedule for how it works best for you but the main thing is consistency. Your kids will always know what comes next and you will begin to find napping and your day easier.

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