Out of the mouth of babes

19 Jan

I was watching the Glenn Beck show on Fox News today. It was awesome! He had an all star line up with Joel Olsteen, Sarah Palin and Ben Stein just to name a few. He also had Karl Rove on too.

I just love Sarah Palin and her daughter hit the nail on the head:

Sarah retold the story that her daughter Willow was watching the news and she said “Mommy 95% of Americans will get tax cuts. This is great but what about the other 5%?  She proceeded to tell her daughter that those business men and women will have to foot the bill. She responded, ” why should they be punished for being successful?”

Willow is exactly right! Why should those people who create jobs and are trying to stimulate the economy going to be punished?

I guess we will see! Out of the mouth of babes. They see the truth and they speak it. Just like my favorite mommy blog, www.classychaos.com. Her son lost his five dollar bill. He asked her for a loan until he found it. She said, no you have to find it. He said, ” but the banks got bailed out, why can’t I?”

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