GOP House Votes NO To Stimulus

31 Jan

Congrats the GOP in the house finally got some back bone. Now I pray the GOP in the senate will follow.

The only reason that President Obama wants the GOP involved is because it will fail and they can take them down with them. It is always politcal. I am not being negative here. Have you seen the stimulus package?

There is hardly anything in it that would stimulate the economy. There is tons of pork though. So many billions going to Acorn. So many billions going to the CDC for STDs reasearch. The list goes on and on.  How does that stimulate the economy? Only a small portion of the $819 billion is even going to infastructure. I thought the whole purpose of this package was to bring and create jobs. I don’t see that happening. It is a social agenda.

There is also some nationalized healthcare added to this package covered up in fancy terms. It expands medicaid but does not allow states to check income. It also says for anyone unemployed up through 2011 can get medicaid. We do  not need more gov’t programs.  We need massive tax cuts to businesses who are thriving so they can hire more people and start putting people back to work. We also need massive tax cuts for those of us still in a job so we can keep more of our money. My hubby still has a job but we are holding on to every penny we can.

I think the American people are catching on though, popularity for this package has gone down as more and more comes out about it. Read here for more info, article posted on


One Response to “GOP House Votes NO To Stimulus”

  1. scottdemarco January 31, 2009 at 11:39 am #

    While I agree with the point that a huge part of this will never stimulate the economy because it bails out bad corp. decisions, I don’t agree that the money shouldn’t be spent. I also don’t agree that Obama wants the GOP to fail with him. Without pumping money into the economy in times like these, companies, investors, etc won’t spend their own money to try to recover. Hopefully those receiving the funds will use them for the better. I feel however that the funds would have been better spent in a manner more like buying temporary stock in companies instead of loans (more specifically relating to the auto industry).

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