Recalled Peanut Butter and Peanut Butter Products

2 Feb

When I first heard about this recall, I thought, “here we go again”. Remember a couple of years ago tainted peanut was recalled. It was from Georgia and it included jarred peanut butter. You would think the FDA, and Georgia agriculture people would have been tougher on these plants. It appears that Georgia inspectors did make note of the poor and unsanitary conditions of the plant such as mold, a leaking roof,  rats and cockroaches running around. This is unacceptable and all involved should be prosecuted.

500 plus people have been sickened and 8 people have died. This could have been us. My girls eat PBJ everyday. I eat it too. It is cheap and tastes yummy. This is a food that is equated with our great country. I usually buy store brand natural peanut butter for the girls but with the recall they are telling people to only buy brand name or at least our news station is. Jiff came out and said they have tested all jarred peanut buttter and it is safe. Therefore I bought a jar of Jiff and a jar of Smuckers natural. Smuckers produces Jiff. The one thing I cannot eat and will not eat is Reeses peanut butter cups. I see them everywhere yet they recalled reeses that are in cookies and ice cream so I would not even touch the candy. My girls love it but we bought something else for v-day. Anything with peanuts with the exception of jarred peanut butter I won’t touch either.

It is scary. I would say I would give it up all together but what would my girls eat. Lunch meat all the time is too expensive. I don’t know that more gov’t oversight is not the answer since we have that and it has failed. The ecoli scare last summer with spinach and tomatoes or peppers. They don’t even know what caused that scare and tomato farmers suffered for it.

I think the whole program needs to be overhauled. Tough prosecution maybe jail time along with stiffer fines for those knowingly selling tainted food. It is all about the bottom line. Had this not been about losing profits then they would have never sold tainted peanuts to Canada and shipped tainted peanut butter products all over the US. I got this story off of our local news  website here is a complete look at the recall and all that was found inside this plant. Ice cream is the new recall today. Check out the FDA website to get an updated list of recalled items.

Bottom Line we always pray over our food. I had food poisoning from Arby’s when I was 10 years old and I will never forget it. I was so ill I almost had to be hospitalized. Ever since then I pray, “Lord bless this food to the nourishment of our bodies and take all disease and bacteria out of it.” I would encourage you to pray over your food too. We cannot depend on state and federal gov’t to protect us.

In the acticle it has other articles on Girl Scout Cookies. They are not part of the recall. They do not get their peanut butter products from that plant and have tested all peanut butter products that go in their cookies and all are safe.

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