Gynocologists Visit

5 Feb

I was thrilled that I was going for my annual check up. I just love going to the gynocologist don’t you? If you think I am crazy, I am not. I am totally kidding. I rank this visit up there with all other medical visits: eye doctors, physicals, dentists etc. Anxiety starts to fill my body as I get closer to any of these appointments. Everything went well and I learned I have lost 13 lbs since last time I was there so I was thrilled. I obviously need to lose more weight but I am making progress. We do want more children but for now debt free  is our primary goal and everything else has taken a back seat. No time is perfect but for us we have to be debt free.

I hate going to doctors but at least this was a rewarding visit knowing that I have lost weight and he encouraged me. He said he was really proud that I had taken the time and effort to do this. This means a lot. He delivered Peanut and I love him.

He actually sits down and listens to you and chats with you instead of just coming in doing his doctor thing and see you next year. He chats about all that is  going on in your life and asks you questions. He really makes you feel comfortable.

I knew I would like him when I found out I would probably have to have a c-section because Peanut was breech. He got my input as to how I wanted to proceed. Did I want to try moving her into the right postion or c-section. If I wanted a c-section, did I want to have her at 39 weeks or wait closer to my due date to give her time to turn. He respected my decision and gave me his advice. He actually agreed that c-section was the best option because of her size. At that point she was already over 8 lbs so to move her would be a lot more difficult. I had had a horrible birthing experience with Pookie so c-section sounded great to me.

I cannot stand doctors who do not listen to their patients and if I find one I run. Thank God for this doctor and my girls doctors and for our medical doctor. We also have an awesome dentist and eye doctors. We are blessed!


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  1. Karen Kelley February 12, 2009 at 2:32 pm #

    I really need the name of your doc. Most of the docs/midwives in my group were really nice – but one of them is horrible. When I have my check up for the post D&C thing I think I am done with this practice. I like the others but I do not want to give my business to them because of this one doc.

    We have a wonderful pediatrician. I wish we could find a good g.p. or family doc for Pat and I.

  2. mommynotes February 18, 2009 at 10:09 pm #

    I go to Maternal Gynerations. I see Dr. Wiist. He delivered Hannah and I love him. I will get you the number and email you.

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