A Valentine’s Day at home

14 Feb

A little back story as to why we are all home and not out on Valentine’s day. I took my sweet Peanut to the doctor last Saturday because she was running a pretty high fever. I knew she had a sinus infection. She had strep the week before but she always complained about her nose hurting. I usually love my doctors but on this day they were crazy busy and about to close so he labeled her as a virus. Well she did not get better her temperature started climbing so by Wednesday she was so congested she had goop coming from her eye and a 102 temp. Thankfully they worked me in. Her nose was so impacted that he could not even see. He gave her a steroid and an antibiotic. This was all very frustrating to say the least.

On Monday my husband dropped Pookie off at school. 30 minutes later I received a call that she was complaining of her throat hurting and she did have a slight fever. The doctor saw her and said she probably had a cold. They did test her for strep but she did not have it.

Friday Morning I heard a strange noise and our bathroom light on. Sarah started throwing up around 5 AM. She only got sick one time and had a 101 fever. I thought at first she had the stomach bug but she never got sick again. I got her into see the doctor and he said she did have a bad sinus infection. Also that morning, handsome husband went to the doctor and he had a sinus infection adn I went today and I have one. I was able to get two shots and boy do I feel better. Since we are all sick, we are not going out. We may go see a movie tomorrow and my mom will keep the girls. They are feeling much better and so do I. This is a crazy valentines but at least we are on the path to recovery. We are watching a Charlie Brown Valentines. The girls love it.

I hope your valentines was much more enjoyable.

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