Why I switched from Kroger brand back to Huggies diapers

22 Feb

I am always trying to save money but I had to switch back to Huggies brand diapers. After numerous leaks of urine and poop, I had no choice. I don’t know what changed but something did. I also noticed peanut was clawing herself to death whenever she had Kroger diaper on but didn’t with her Huggie Overnights. I had to put hydrocortisone cream on her to stop her from itching. Since I have switched back, we have had no more leaks and no more itching. Sometimes cheaper is not always better.


One Response to “Why I switched from Kroger brand back to Huggies diapers”

  1. tacticalmom February 23, 2009 at 9:11 am #

    Huggies & Kirkland’s (Costco brand made by Huggies) are the only ones that will fit my kids. I have tried everything from name brands to store brands and for some reason none of the others fit.

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