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Swine Flu Update

30 Apr

I know we are all a little nervous about this virus called “swine flu”. I am getting updates from the CDC and watching the news closely. So far it has not come to Georgia but it has moved to several other states. Here are the states so far according to the CDC:

Arizona 1

NY 51

California 14

Indiana 1

Kansas 2

Massachusetts 2

Michigan 2

Nevada 1

Ohio 1

Texas 16 with one death reported

If you click on this link, you can get updates from the CDC and sign up for any updates.  We do not need to be panicked but be on guard. I pray over us everyday and we are vigilant about washing our hands or using hand sanitizer.

Here is more information on the swine flu.


Surgery Day

27 Apr

My baby is having surgery tomorrow, April 28th. Please keep her and all of us in your prayers. I am still waiting for them to call and give me the time of her surgery but I am getting as much stuff done here as I can. It is hard seeing your children go through surgery but this is supposed to make her better. I am nervous but I have peace.

Bea Arthur dies at age 86

25 Apr

Bea Arthur famous for Dorthy on the Golden Girls and Maude died in her home today at the age of 86. I was saddened by this news. I love the Golden Girls. It was so funny. I used to watch this show with my Nana when I would stay with her.  Here is a more on Bea Arthur’s death from

A Sip of Tea

22 Apr

I love this guy, Zo, in the youtube video. I encourage you to watch it because this is what the tea parties are all about not about being racist. It was conservatives, independents and liberals. Some of these people even voted for Obama . They are opposing big Government and spending. All the pork that is being added to these bills that get passed within a few days that the lawmakers don’t even read. It is about spending our grandchildren’s future away. You cannot spend your way out of a recession/depression. Ask Japan!! People have had enough!


22 Apr

Pastor Dennis Rouse preached on Evidence: Signs of the times part 2. We no longer attend Victory but I still listen to Pastors sermons and read their blog. It is an awesome ministry but we felt God was moving us on. Our new church is much closer to our home and we are already starting to make friends.

Anyway, click here to listen and read Pastor Dennis’ message on Evidence.

Miss California

21 Apr

I know this is a hot topic making headlines everywhere but I had to give my opinion on this one. I applaud Miss California for sticking to her guns and giving an honest answer. I think she could have said it a little better but the fact she stayed true to who she is, is note worthy. I think judges who have an agenda should leave it at the door. It is one thing to mark her down for her answer but to call her a derogatory name and bash her the way Perez did on his blog is absurd.

I am so sick of you must be politically correct and not true to who you are.  As you will see in this link, our own President said he believed marriage is between a man and a woman.

Miss California said to Matt Lauer, ” I wasn’t politically correct, I was Biblically correct.”  She went on to say this was a test for her. No matter what the cost she was standing up for her principles and beliefs. It cost her the Miss USA crown but God has something so much bigger then this.

I believe she is a role model whether you agree with gay marriage or not. I say this because I want my children to stand up for their beliefs no matter what situation you are in. What is the point of believing in something if you are going to lie when you are questioned about it.

I don’t want a Miss USA who is a political robot. We have enough of those in Washington. I want Miss USA to believe in what she is saying. I think it is disingenuous to think otherwise!


21 Apr

I was really discouraged last week. We were finally getting ahead just a bit and news came that husbands company had higher insurance premiums which meant more would come out of his check. It was going to be a total of $70 more a month. Things were already tight enough as it is this was going to make things even tighter.  This was very discouraging. I was praying on Sunday before church and I asked God “please let the pastor preach on faith.”  I need encouragement God. We got to church and I opened up the sermon notes. The message was on faith. It was titled “Faith Is.” Oh my heart leaped with joy and encouragement!

I opened up my face book page and a pastor friend had written a post on faith. I received my daily devotion for today and it was on faith. I know God is speaking to me and it is so encouraging!

I hope this encourages you when you get down and see no end in site that God is truly there with you.  He is listening even when it seems he is not.

Here are my notes on Faith Is:

Without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe he rewards those who earnestly seek Him. Hebrews 11:6

Faith is….

1. Believing when you do not see it. (vs 1)

2. Obeying when I do not understand it. (vs 8)

3. Giving when I don’t have it. (vs 4)

4. Persevering when I don’t feel like it. (vs 27)

5. Expecting before I receive it. (vs 30)

6. Trusting when I don’t receive it. (vs 39)

2 Corinthians 8:2-3  Out of extreme poverty welled up in a rich generosity. They gave as much as they were able and even beyond their ability.

Hebrews 11:1  Now faith is the being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

Hebrews 11:27  It was faith that led to Moses leaving despite the Kings anger. He held is purpose like a man who could see the invisible.

You have to keep going even when you don’t want to. Quitting is not an option. Run the race of endurance!

Hebrews 11:30, Matthew 21:22  When you pray, ask God for something and believe that you have received it. And you will be given what you have asked for.

Lean not on your own understanding. This point really struck me because I  thought I had heard something from God then it did not come to pass. I would beat up on myself. Here sometimes God won’t answer your prayers because it is not what he has for you. He has something better, or the timing may be off.

Hebrews 11:39  Understanding they were commended for their faith; yet of them that received what they had been promised God had planned something better.

It could be what we are asking for is the wrong thing and not the best for us. God has something better and we need to stay in constant communication with him.

This message was awesome! I needed to hear this. It gave me hope and peace. I hope it also encourages you!