The Whiny Chart

2 Apr

Well, I read a post from one of my favorite blogs, ohmommy. She wrote about her son, Jay, who is very sensitive and cries often. In an effort to get him to use his words, she rewarded him for not crying basically. Well, I took this advice for my pookie who is very similar. She whines often and I am tired of it. Pookie is a very sweet and generous little girl, but she has her drama queen moments and she clams up when she is upset. She will cry for hours over little things and you never know what is wrong. This post gave me an idea: create a whiny chart.

Everyday that Pookie does not whine or cry for little things she will earn a sticker. On Friday if she has all of her stickers for the week she gets an hour extra of play time at night. She is very excited and has earned all of her stickers so far. We have much less whining and she seems so much happier. Thank you, Ohmommy for this brilliant and life changing idea

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