9 Apr

Have you ever heard of this bacterial infection? Probably not but it is an infection of the adenoids. Almost a year after my 2 1/2 year old daughter has been fighting infection after infection, we may have finally come to some answers. She has been on every antibiotic known to a child and then some. She has been tested for this disease and that deficiency. Now, after visiting the ENT and coming back with another infection and fever her pediatrician thinks instead of sinus infections she actually has infections in her adenoids.The antibiotics are only treating the surface issue and not the entire infection due to hers being moderately enlarged.  She is having surgery at the end of the month to remove her adenoids and the tissue to relieve her of these chronic infections.

Finally, some answers! I encourage you parents keep fighting for your kids. Keep pressing the doctors and do your own research. Had I pressed a little harder sooner we may have realized this sooner and prevented her from having to take so many medicines.  You are your child’s advocate!

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