Mommy Bloggers Beware

16 Apr

I heard this morning on Fox  and Friends that mommy bloggers need to beware. The Federal Trade Commission is thinking about policing mommy blogs that write about a product. It can be an endorsement of a product or a dislike of a product. You could soon be sued by the FTC. This is absurd and I am sick and tired of government thinking they need to be in every aspect of our lives. I have given my opinion on several products and I search blogs myself for those opinions of a product before I buy. What is next wire tapping our phones when we talk to our friends about our opinion on things?

Colleen Padillia, who has a blog called classymommy, is a mommy blogger who spoke out on this issue.

It is a real violation of free speech in my opinion and I pray this does not pass.

Here is the entire interview with Colleen and more information on this crazy new law from the FTC on  Fox and Friends on the Fox news network.


2 Responses to “Mommy Bloggers Beware”

  1. Shara April 19, 2009 at 5:49 pm #

    I agree with you 100% I am sick of big government! They need to be focusing on things that matter, like the Fair Tax and not taking nurses out of public schools!

  2. Lee April 20, 2009 at 1:21 pm #

    More to the point, the FTC should be looking into some/many of the infomercials which plague TV, especially during nighttime viewing. Many of these are scams and prey on older viewers. One, in particular, is a type of
    spray liquid which “promises” pain relief for a multitude of ailments and diseases along with “testimonials” from alleged users. The FTC needs to go after these infomercial-people and not the parent-type bloggers who offer only their “opinions” and not an out-and-out testimonial.

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