Quinn Bradlee wrote “A Different Life”

21 Apr

I heard this story on the view about Sally Quinn and her son Quinn Bradlee who was told he would never walk, talk and would need to be institutionalized. He is now the author of this amazing book called A Different Life. He is living on his own with a few other guys and lives next door to his parents.

This is such an inspiring story for those who contemplate abortion due to a child given a poor outcome, and also for those who have children with disabilities that you can overcome. I love these stories of hope. It makes me thankful for my blessings and that I can also endure this race called life.

Thank you Quinn Bradlee for giving us all hope! Thank you to Sally Quinn and her husband for never giving up on their son. What an amazing story of love and promise!

This goes back to my motto that you have to be an avocate for your child. If you aren’t, then who will be. If she had listened to the doctors and therapists, this book would never have been written.  There is so much potential in children even with disabilities. Never underestimate a child!

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