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Star Trek

31 May

My hubby’s birthday was yesterday and on the spur of the moment we went on a date to see Star Trek. It was awesome! I love my chick flicks but my dad got me into action/adventure when I was kid too. This is great because my hubby and I love some of the same movies. If you get the opportunity to go see Star Trek, I say go. Transformers looks really good too. I cannot wait.


Susan Boyle Places 2nd Place in Talent Show

30 May

I was sad that Susan Boyle did not win. It has always been her dream to perform infront of the Queen. Maybe one day she will get her wish. She is a very talented woman. I wish her all the best! Click here to read full article.

Susan Boyle is voted your “Ultimate Idol”

30 May

Fox news had a poll between Kris Allen and Susan Boyle and Boyle was the favored winner. Despite her tyraids this week, I pray she wins Britains got Talent competition. She is amazing and she totally deserves it. Click here to see the poll and to see her sing last Sunday night in the finals.

Chick Fil A Video by Tim Hawkins

30 May

This guy is hilarious! I hope you enjoy it.

Jon and Kate Plus 8 being investigated by State Labor Department

30 May

Jon and Kate are now being investigated by the state labor department to see if they broke any labor laws. I say it is about time. Where were they four years ago when these children were babies. I posed this on Face book and the response was the same as mine “good.” I think these kids are being exploited for financial gain. A 1.3 million dollar home, expensive cars and all sorts of other things are just the tip of the iceberg from their fortune. If it was truly for the kids, you wold not need that lavish lifesyle. You would be putting all of it away in savings for the kids since it is there money your living off of. Without the kids, you would have no show, book deals, be on Oprah etc. I pray this will get their full attention and put a stop to this.

Here is the complete article from Fox News.

Happy Memorial Day

25 May

I want to say thank you to all of our brave men and women past and present for serving this great country of ours. Thank you for all our freedoms!

We were blessed to enjoy a nice time in the North Georgia moutains in a cabin. We went with handsome hubby’s family. We fed fish and goats on a roof and took the girls to Baby Land General. It is where the cabbage patch babies are born. We got some good pictures. The girls got to see a cabbage baby be born. It was a hoot and the girls enjoyed it. It was a boy baby and his name was Hudson Nathan. They name them based on what everyone calls out.

It was so peaceful in the cabin. I spent most of my time outside on the swing. So did the girls, we could not get enough of the moutain air. I felt lazy but it was so nice.

We are back home and we are planning our next adventure. Traveling to Louisiana over Sarah’s Christmas break. Stephen’s grandmother, aunt and cousin live there. It has been two years since we have gone.  We would love to go the beach or Disney land but you have to get creative when things are so tight.  This allows us to still travel but we can stay with family so everything is free except gas. We have time to save up.

I hope you are enjoying your time with your family this holiday season and don’t forget to thank our men and women in uniform for all they do!

Happy Memorial Day

22 May

Thank you to all the men and women that serve our great country. We honor you today!

We are headed up to the moutains to stay in a cabin in the woods with handsome hubby’s parents. I pray it will be enjoyable. Peanut is going into her 23rd day with fever and she has been throwing the awful tantrums due to all the meds she is on. A part of me is not looking forward to this and the other part is .

Enjoy your long weekend and may you have safety in your travels!