1 May

I had more peace this time then with Pookie. I think it was the fact I had been through this before and knew what to expect. I have to say it went  well.

Peanut got right up at 5:15 AM and I changed her diaper. Off we went to the children’s hospital about an hour away. We checked in and all went really well. She was able to watch the Disney channel until her surgery and they had all kinds of color sheets and crayons for her to color with. She loved it. She never seemed nervous. They gave her some “goofy juice” to make her calm down and she would not remember anything. The nurse was laughing so hard from her bobbing around in the bed that she could not even look at her. Peanut’s nurses that were assigned to her were awesome. Teena and Chris took such good care of her. They kept coming by telling her how brave she was and how cute she was.

They rolled her down the hall to her surgery. I almost cried but I was ok. I had a peace. My good friend that I found on Face book who works on the floor above us came down. We hugged and chatted then I saw Peanut’s doctor walk by. “How strange. ” I thought. He is supposed to be in surgery. He then came into our room. It was over. It only took 25 minutes to complete her surgery. “She did wonderful,” he said.  About 20 minutes later they rolled her back into our room. She was so quiet and still. She wanted a Popsicle and ate every bite. She wanted another one. She sat up watched some more cartoons and fiddled with her IV. She became more awake as time went on. Teena and Chris kept telling her what a wonderful patient she was. She really lit up when the clowns from Big Apple Circus came by to cheer her up. She caught all the bubbles and cried when they left.  She was doing so well we were discharged after an hour and a half. She is my brave trooper. Teena brought a wagon up that she was able to ride in and off we went.

She took a really long nap that afternoon and drank lots of Gatorade. She also received several presents from grandparents.

It was an exhausting day but so worth it. She only has a slight fever of 99. Right before her surgery she was running a fever of 100 or more and she was on an antibiotic. She is completely different. She is smiling all the time now. She does not complain of pain or pick at her nose saying something is in there. We thought she was active before but now she dances and sings much more than before. She is our beautiful angel and I am so glad we found the answers we were looking for. Right now she is on an antibiotic until the middle of May, and she will have a follow up but prayerfully this will be the end of it.

Thank you for your prayers and I hope this will encourage you!

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