Good bye pacifier, Hello new toys

6 May

I have wanted to take Peanut’s pacifier or “ba ba” away for a while now. This is her name for her prized lovey. I was going to last year but did not have the strength. Memories of Pookie came flooding back. Pookie actually did okay. She just cried a bit one night but she refused to take her naps from then on, and I paid for it. She was horrible for several months with no nap.

I kept praying about it and Peanut started with the fevers again and choking at night and nap time from all the saliva that a pacifier can produce. I decided it was time. We had been talking about it for a week now. I took it away last night. When I walked away after our goodnight routine, I heard nothing. A few minutes later I heard a whimper. I went into her room. “What is wrong? I asked”. Peanut said, “I would like my ba ba’s back please.” Oh, my heart melted. Stay strong I kept hearing in my head. Stay strong! I reminded her tomorrow morning we would go pick out a new toy if you can give it up. “Okay, mommy” She did fine. She did not go to sleep until 10:30 PM. I guess her pacifiers were the ticket to knocking her out, but she slept from 10:30 until 7:30 all night without crying or asking for it.

As soon as she got up and she had her breakfast, we were off to the store. She picked two small things. She picked Muno and Plex from the show Yo Gabba Gabba. This is her favorite show. She added them to her collection. She also has Fufa and Robie. She just needs Tuti and her collection will be complete. I am so proud of my big girl. We’ll see how she does at nap time but I think she will be fine! She will be three in a couple of months so it was time.

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