Potty Training Success

6 May

We signed Peanut up for preschool for the fall and in the three year old class they have to be potty trained. She was partially trained. She would go in the afternoons and evenings and sometimes after she woke up. I wanted her trained in May so we could work on her going by herself by the end of the summer.

I started Sunday and I bought a small package of pull-ups. We talked about staying dry and going into panties in a few days. She has stayed dry four days in a row. She sometimes will tell me but mostly I am keeping track of when she drinks something. If it is soy milk then I put her on the potty 45 minutes to an hour later. If it is water or juice then 30 minutes after I will put her on. So far so good, next Monday we are going into panties. Since we are going out to eat and going to be at our families houses for Mother’s Day, I thought I would wait on the panties.

On another note, Peanut went potty three or four times while I was out shopping with my grandmother yesterday. I tried her first and she told me the other times. Sometimes to get her to stop playing and try the potty I have to give her an M & M. I think praise and prizes are great if they need that extra motivation. She is enjoying staying dry.

This is a process I started when she was 19 mos with no pressure. Had I followed her her, she may have been trained last summer because she was asking to go. When you wait or postpone sometimes they get content in having you change them and do not want to put forth the effort. It is all about timing and readiness. Peanut was differently ready! We are so proud of her. She has grown up so much in the past few days going potty and giving up the pacifier!

She has a saying after she goes, “Mommy, I so awesome!”
She is for trying new things and not being afraid. Another milestone complete, and how many more to go?

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