Resilience by Elizabeth Edwards

7 May

I saw Elizabeth on Oprah today. I have to say she truly is an amazing woman. I don’t know if I could stay with my hubby if he had cheated. Each person has to make that decision for their family. Her only condition with the interview with Oprah is that the other woman’s name is not mentioned. I agree. I blame him but she is a home wrecker. I thought a very moving moment was when she said, “as women we need to stand up for each other.” When you see a family, if you want that then go out and get one of your own. It is so true. This woman knew John Edwards had a family and a wife. You have to stand up and say no.

I wish Elizabeth and her family all the best. I pray she does live a long life for herself and for her children. I know this woman has been through so much with the loss of her son, cancer and now the affair. The fact that she can forgive and overcome is truly amazing!

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