Mystery Diagnosis

11 May

We have been through a lot with my youngest daughter. She just had surgery and I was so excited because all was going well. She stopped the fevers but then they started back up on Thursday after her surgery. I spoke with a nurse the following week and she encouraged me to call the ENT back. They said this should not be happening. They called to say I should follow up with my pediatrician and let them know. I made an appointment with our regular pediatrician that had been through all of this with us. I went in. By this time, Peanut was so much worse. She was congested and her eye looked like someone hit her. Her doctor did a flu swab and ran some blood work. Well, she said, “she does not have flu and it looks more viral than bacterial. She has pink eye but it should go away on it’s own.” I listened to her for a moment and then I respectfully said, “okay here is the thing, she has not been anywhere to pick up a virus and these are the same symptoms as before.” She looked at me and rolled her eyes and said, ” you think this is a sinus infection. Well, I can write you an antibiotic for a few days but I really think this is viral.” I told her in a nice way trying so hard not to cry that I only wanted to find the root of this issue. She said, “Well you can go to infectious diseases. There is nothing more I can do.” She walked out of the room.

I was hurt, baffled and frustrated. I contained myself until I got to my car then I broke down on the phone with my hubby. Basically the person I trusted that had been with us all this time just wrote me off. I have had pink eye before and so has my older daughter. Peanut did not have pink eye. It was red and watery but no discharge and no pink or redness in the white of the eye. I tried to take her back to our pediatrician office on Saturday but they were closed. I took her to our urgent care office. The doctor took one look at her and said, “she has severe allergies.” I said, ” what?” He said, the redness around the eyes is what they refer to as “allergic shiners.” He gives her another antibiotic and a high powered nose spray. I also put her on Clariton. She is better but we have had three days of no sleep. She is coughing so much she was having trouble catching her breath and spitting up. I am going to get her in with the infectious disease doctor to figure out what is going on. It is so frustrating and I was not prepared for my doctor to act the way she did the other day. Her entire diagnosis was wrong. I am not a doctor but I have enough experience to know something is not right but virus is not it. Hopefully, we will finally figure out what is going on.


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  1. Sara May 15, 2009 at 10:55 pm #

    Unfortunately most doctors aren’t trained to get to the root of many chronic medical issues. I’m sorry about the way you were treated and I hope you find better care with another doctor.

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