American Idol Shocker: Kris Allen Wins

21 May

Wow, I could not believe they read Kris’ name as the new American Idol. I was for certain Adam would win. I like Adam but my favorites were Danny and Kris. I know all three guys will have a huge following and long career. I loved Danny singing “Hello”. I thought the song that Kara wrote was more for Kris. It did not seem to fit Adam.

Our Pastor from Victory World Church had some information on Kris that I thought was neat. Pastor Dennis said,  “Still can’t believe Kris Allen won American Idol. Kris is from New Life church in Conway, Arkansas and leads worship for a pastor friend of mine, Rick Bezet who is in Los Angeles tonight with Kris. I wonder what effect this will have on his church? Let’s pray for Kris that God will use him to influence the music world for the Lord!”

I really liked this years competition because it was not just one or two that stood out several of the guys and ladies had a lot of talent. I wish all them the best. I don’t feel like Adam was robbed as I read someone say on Face book. I think he now has the opportunity to make the kind of album he wants to make. I think on Idol you get boxed in. Kris fit that mold a little better. It was just like Daughtry. He lost Idol but it was the best thing for him because he could put a band together and sold a lot of records. He has done well. Out of all the Idols David Cook and Carrie Underwood are my favorites! I cannot wait until next season not sure who the judges will be. I have heard Kara, Simon and Paula are not coming back. I don’t think they will have a show without Simon. I love Paula too. Kara I was not much of a fan but she can sing as she demonstrated that last night with Bikini girl!

Here is a recap with video from entertainment news.

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