Jon and Kate Gosselin talk about their marriage and the kids

21 May

Okay, I really don’t watch this show any more but I wanted to see them set the record straight on all that is going on. 10 million of us tuned in. I am not sure how much longer that will last because it was so depressing. You could cut the tension with a knife. I was incredibly sad when I saw them giving separate interviews and I gathered from everything that was said they are not living together any more. It was the way the children clung to Jon when he came to the party and one of the girls said something I don’t like when you leave. My heart broke for those kids. I just remember how happy they were in the beginning before all the fighting and nagging started.

Something that really struck me is Kate was sitting with Jon and she kept talking about her kids all this was for the kids. You cannot put your kids above your marriage. I think if you ask the kids 20 years from now their happiest memories it will be when mommy and daddy were together not all the things they have been blessed with because of their new fame and fortune. You can tell it in Jon’s face and what he says he did not choose all of this. I just think She should have listened to her husband and quit all of this. Living in a million dollar home is not for your kids but for yourself. I believe Kate is a good person who does love her kids and husband but somewhere something got messed up. I think I would be telling TLC to take a hike so we could work on our marriage. Drag me to court if you must but they need to be making that their priority. Kate broke down during her portion of the interview about the children’s party being bitter sweet. She said, “yes because I don’t know if this is their last birthday with us together as a family. I wanted that family picture done.” It is so sad that the show has gone from happy times to them contemplating divorce. I think changes on the part of both of them needs to be done. I think saving the marriage should be front and center above all else. Those kids need both of their parents.

I do read truthbreedshatred and Kate’s sister in law and brother speak on all that is going on. Click here to listen to their interviews. They are very telling.  There is also an article written in the Boston Herold that was posted on this site that I thought was interesting. It is called Jon and Kate should put family first.

All of my friends who watched this were talking about how sad the episode was. I agree. I actually cried at the end. This is so depressing especially after seeing Kate’s brother’s interview. I really hope they can get some counseling and work on this marriage. I pray for those kids everyday.

I just feel for this family. You look back on it and you wonder if they had never done the show would any of these issues happened. There is something about fame and money that changes people. It is just a very sad situation. I really wish them and their children all the best.

Here is the link to catch a clip of Monday’s opening episode and to read people magazine article on this.


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  1. Get Mom On Ellen May 24, 2009 at 12:14 pm #

    I know it! I think back on them and their little house and how much happier they seemed as a couple and a family when they were broke. Poverty makes you cling to what is truly important. Things are drugs.

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