Happy Memorial Day

25 May

I want to say thank you to all of our brave men and women past and present for serving this great country of ours. Thank you for all our freedoms!

We were blessed to enjoy a nice time in the North Georgia moutains in a cabin. We went with handsome hubby’s family. We fed fish and goats on a roof and took the girls to Baby Land General. It is where the cabbage patch babies are born. We got some good pictures. The girls got to see a cabbage baby be born. It was a hoot and the girls enjoyed it. It was a boy baby and his name was Hudson Nathan. They name them based on what everyone calls out.

It was so peaceful in the cabin. I spent most of my time outside on the swing. So did the girls, we could not get enough of the moutain air. I felt lazy but it was so nice.

We are back home and we are planning our next adventure. Traveling to Louisiana over Sarah’s Christmas break. Stephen’s grandmother, aunt and cousin live there. It has been two years since we have gone.  We would love to go the beach or Disney land but you have to get creative when things are so tight.  This allows us to still travel but we can stay with family so everything is free except gas. We have time to save up.

I hope you are enjoying your time with your family this holiday season and don’t forget to thank our men and women in uniform for all they do!

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