Jon and Kate Plus 8 being investigated by State Labor Department

30 May

Jon and Kate are now being investigated by the state labor department to see if they broke any labor laws. I say it is about time. Where were they four years ago when these children were babies. I posed this on Face book and the response was the same as mine “good.” I think these kids are being exploited for financial gain. A 1.3 million dollar home, expensive cars and all sorts of other things are just the tip of the iceberg from their fortune. If it was truly for the kids, you wold not need that lavish lifesyle. You would be putting all of it away in savings for the kids since it is there money your living off of. Without the kids, you would have no show, book deals, be on Oprah etc. I pray this will get their full attention and put a stop to this.

Here is the complete article from Fox News.

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