Kate Gosselin filed for divorce, the couples reaction and how they told their kids

19 Jun

I am just not sure airing this in a one hour special is the right thing. I think TLC is doing this for ratings. I just think some things should be kept private. I am sure when the Gosselin children go back and watch these episodes  it will bring up a world of hurt again to see your parents marriage and family being torn apart on national TV.

UPDATE: I gave in and watched the show. I already knew they were separated. You could tell. I was not expecting them to say in the closing credits that they had filed for divorce the day this episode aired. I was shocked and I cried. I guess because you do get attached to these people as you are watching this show from the very beginning. I have not really watched lately because of the way Kate used to act toward Jon and their marriage woes. I felt for those kids. I heard that they have a contract for 7 more years with TLC. The fact that either of them would allow this play out on national TV is appalling. Those kids deserve better. I just really feel for them.  This show was so fun and happy and now it is depressing. I will definitely not be watching any more.

Here is an interview with Kate Gosselin on Mother’s Day Weekend about all the allegations and where their relationship was going.

I found out from TMZ that Kate Gosselin did file for divorce. While the file is sealed, you could see her name as the plaintiff.  Click here to see the post on TMZ.

Click here for more details into their divorce. Kate and Jon speak out to the media on custody arrangements and details of the divorce.

Here is Kevin Kreider’s reaction to his sister and brother in law publicizing their split.

Here is Jon and Kate’s reactions to each other on their recent divorce proceedings.

Truthbreedshatred has the true reality of this so called reality show.

Kate speaks out to people magazine on her reaction to all of this and how she and Jon told the kids.

I know everyone wants to know how the kids are doing but I am just not sure airing their reactions to this life change is healthy or wise. I actually feel for both of them you can tell from the interview that Kate is distraught and loves her children. I think both parties are hurting but they need to stay out of the lime light and focus on these kids.

Here is what the experts are saying about the children.

Money is a powerful thing and has destroyed so many.

I was happy to hear the show is taking a hiatus until August for the couple to work through this rough time. They will also be modifying their schedule once the show resumes.

I pray for this family everyday.

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