Tabloids going to far

19 Jun

I heard about the case of Sarah Jessica Parker’s surrogate being harassed, and her home possibly being broken into to get dirt on her for money by none other then two Police Chief’s in Ohio. How sick is this? The very people that are supposed to protect us are plotting to break into someone’s house for a tabloid. The danger this woman is being put into and two tiny little babies are being put at risk. This has gone way to far. I know that SJP is a celebrity but she is still a person and I just think every aspect of someone’s life is not up for display.  Somethings should remain private.

This also leads to Kate Gosselin spanking her daughter Leah which appears on the front cover of In Touch Magazine. She was in her house and this is absolutely ridiculous. Celebrities and the rest of us should have a right to discipline our children without being criticized for that discipline. She was not beating her but merely disciplining. I am defending Kate Gosselin in this instance. I think this is an invasion of privacy to take pictures while she is in her house.

I think there should be laws on how close the tabloids can get to someone and what they can film or photograph. I feel for both of these families.

If we were not so addicted in gossip and knowing all we can about someone’s life ‘especially all the negative stuff these magazines and shows would be out of business.


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  1. Shara June 19, 2009 at 7:45 am #

    you’re so right about people wanting to gosspip about the negative stuff…you know that jon and kate were never followed to this extreme until rumors of affairs and divorce started…people seem to crave other’s misfortune’s to feel better about themselves…SICK!

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