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King Of Glory- Melissa How- Jesus Culture

31 Jul

I love this song and I hope you do too!


National Health Care: What you need to know

28 Jul

I readthis article from a pastor friend of mine and you must read what is really in the House Bill on health care. I think it will shock you or it may not. It should be renamed National Health  Scare! Please read and contact your congressman or congresswoman and tell them to vote NO to the House or Senate Bill.

Here is the article from Morning Star included in this article are portions of the House bill.

ER star having breast tumor removed

15 Jul

I loved Abigail Lockheart on ER. She has also played in the movie with Jim Carey as his wife in Liar Liar. My thoughts and prayers are with Maura. Here is the complete post on this story.

Jon Gosselin on vacation with his girlfriend

11 Jul

TMZ caught the two together in France. This is incredibly sad.

Jackson family in a feud over where to bury Michael

10 Jul

All Joe Jackson wants is money and how can he continue to make it. Tons of people came forward and said Michael could not stand Never land after police came in and trashed the place, so to bury him there and turn it into a shrine is repulsive. Only because it goes against Michael’s wishes. He is also promoting his record label as well as wanting to get Michael’s kids into music. Please dear Lord take care of those kids and keep them safe. They do not need to be exploited. They need to be loved and let them be who they will be. Joe Jackson is sick and disgusting!

Here is the complete article from Fox News.

My kids and the store brand taste test

8 Jul

There are certain things I still buy brand name on but Kroger has had some incredible deals on cereals and oatmeal that are store brand. Kroger has a gurantee if you do not like it you can bring it back for a full refund. I have slashed our budget and can no longer afford the $3 to $4 a box cereals and $3 a box Quaker Oats Oatmeal. I found Kroger Raisen Bran for $1.88 for a 20 oz box and $1.98 for Kroger brand instant oatmeal. The girls love it and now my extended family is buying store brand cereals too. They see no difference. I would consider my girls fairly picky on some items but they eat whatever I put in front of them. Now they don’t recognize the Quaker Oats because we only buy store brand. So save a buck and buy store brand!

Divorce what an ugly word

8 Jul

My heart cries out for a family member that just got served with divorce papers. It was not because he cheated or beat her. It was because the economy tanked and he could no longer provide the lavish lifestyle she was accustomed too. How frivolous is that? I thought marriage was sacred. For better or for worse, richer or poorer in sickness and in health. I am deeply saddened that this person chose this course of action instead of sticking it through. She has gone around to all the family playing victum and telling lies about him and even defiled him to their teenage son. I pray restoration for this father and his son and healing for my cousin where he was blindsided by this. He is being an honorable man and not saying a bad thing against her.¬† I am so heart broken over this. I just don’t understand people being so selfish!