Divorce what an ugly word

8 Jul

My heart cries out for a family member that just got served with divorce papers. It was not because he cheated or beat her. It was because the economy tanked and he could no longer provide the lavish lifestyle she was accustomed too. How frivolous is that? I thought marriage was sacred. For better or for worse, richer or poorer in sickness and in health. I am deeply saddened that this person chose this course of action instead of sticking it through. She has gone around to all the family playing victum and telling lies about him and even defiled him to their teenage son. I pray restoration for this father and his son and healing for my cousin where he was blindsided by this. He is being an honorable man and not saying a bad thing against her.  I am so heart broken over this. I just don’t understand people being so selfish!

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