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Privacy Act

28 Aug

It is interesting that the ACLU and the liberal Democrats want to protect terrorists from invasion of privacy but crafted a bill that would would not protect our financial records and health records from being shared across government agencies. This is a total violation of my privacy and yours. I urge you to read this bill and I pray that congress would wake up and read it too.

CBS broke this story a day or two ago but unless you listen to Fox news or CBS you will never know it. Here is the details and story on our invasion of privacy.


Government Can by Tim Hawkins

27 Aug

You gotta love this guy!


Remembering Ted Kennedy 1932 – 2009

26 Aug

I was sad to hear he passed away this morning. Here is a look at his life and legacy from Fox news.

Brave Marine goes off on Congress Brian Baird

26 Aug

This is awesome! I saw this guy on Fox news and he gets his point across very well. He said in the Pelosi bill there is a provision about when parents should potty train their children, what they can eat and what forms of discipline you can use, etc This is why he says,” stay away from my children.”

I am sorry but the government is not going to tell me when I will potty train my children or tell me what they will eat or how I can discipline. These are my children given to me by God and he is my ultimate authority.

Thank you David for serving our country and standing up to congressman Baird!

Gardasil Vaccine Controversy

18 Aug

I am so glad the media and the CDC are finally reporting on this story. I have heard for over a year now the horrible side effects and even death in relation to this vaccine. I have never had a peace about this particular vaccine and vowed that my girls would not get it. Now doctors and pediatricians are speaking out against it too. Or at least you need to proceed with caution. I heard one OBGYN say his 11 year old daughter would not get the shot. If he would not let his daughter get the vaccine, why would I let my daughters. There are so many other ways to protect against this disease. They are saying they don’t even know if this vaccine protects against HPV virus as it states it does. They said now there is not enough evidence to support it’s findings.

I would encourage you, if you have a daughter research this very carefully before exposing her to this vaccine.

Here is the ABC new report on Gardasil.

The Health Care Debate Continues

13 Aug

I was reading an article a friend had posted that is written by a democrat and Obama supporter but she is very upset with congress and the president for their pushing of National Health care. Read the article from Camille Paglia called Obama’s Health care Horror.

Also Canada is getting in on America’s health care debate. This article on Fox news is very interesting too!

I hope people will continue to use their voices to get through to these delusional congressional leaders.

I have two questions for them. First, why are they exempt from entering the public option if the rest of us have to participate. If this program is so good why are they not signing up for it as well? Second, if universal health care is so good then why do  patients from France, China, England and Canada coming to the US for treatment?  I don’t see Americans running to these countries for life saving cancer treatments or MRIs.

Miley Cyrus on a stripper pole

11 Aug

There is controversy brewing over Miley Cyrus performing a pole dance at the teen choice awards. After the controversy with the partially nude pictures, I would think being a 16 year old role model to young girls she would think twice about such a performance. I am very shocked her parents would have allowed this. A 16 year old has no business dressing and acting in such a manner on national TV that young girls are watching. This is completely in appropriate and  uncalled for. I beleve the teen choice awards has changed some rules about performances but the damage is already done. I don’t think she can claim ignorance on this one.

Here is the article from TMZ!