Say NO to Obamacare

5 Aug

Finally the American people are pushing back at congress and President Obama saying no to Obamacare. However the White House is responding to the angry protesters “In fact, I think you’ve had groups today, Conservatives for Patients Rights, that have bragged about organizing and manufacturing that anger,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said.

This is ridiculous. People have just had enough. This is not just republicans protesting. There are democrats as well as independents attending these town halls who are also protesting. I am so sick of congress criticizing these protesters as stupid or they don’t dress well or whatever grievances they have to bash these people who are finally standing up. They are not nuts!

Here is a registered Democrat speaking his piece to his local senator at a recent town hall.

Obamacare would use our federal tax dollars to pay for abortions.

Obama’s plan will do away with health insurance.

Pelosi is a nut and here is her quote on the protesters of Obamacare!

Here is the full story.

I encourage you to contact your congress person!

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