The Health Care Debate Continues

13 Aug

I was reading an article a friend had posted that is written by a democrat and Obama supporter but she is very upset with congress and the president for their pushing of National Health care. Read the article from Camille Paglia called Obama’s Health care Horror.

Also Canada is getting in on America’s health care debate. This article on Fox news is very interesting too!

I hope people will continue to use their voices to get through to these delusional congressional leaders.

I have two questions for them. First, why are they exempt from entering the public option if the rest of us have to participate. If this program is so good why are they not signing up for it as well? Second, if universal health care is so good then why do  patients from France, China, England and Canada coming to the US for treatment?  I don’t see Americans running to these countries for life saving cancer treatments or MRIs.

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