Gardasil Vaccine Controversy

18 Aug

I am so glad the media and the CDC are finally reporting on this story. I have heard for over a year now the horrible side effects and even death in relation to this vaccine. I have never had a peace about this particular vaccine and vowed that my girls would not get it. Now doctors and pediatricians are speaking out against it too. Or at least you need to proceed with caution. I heard one OBGYN say his 11 year old daughter would not get the shot. If he would not let his daughter get the vaccine, why would I let my daughters. There are so many other ways to protect against this disease. They are saying they don’t even know if this vaccine protects against HPV virus as it states it does. They said now there is not enough evidence to support it’s findings.

I would encourage you, if you have a daughter research this very carefully before exposing her to this vaccine.

Here is the ABC new report on Gardasil.

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