Another milestone in my 3 year olds life

13 Sep

First it was starting solid foods at 4 months. Next, it was weaning her off the bottle at 11 months old.  We weaned her off her pacifier in April this year. There was potty training and all sorts of other milestones but today was the a biggie in the life of my three year old. We took her crib down that she has been in since she was born. She graduated to a toddler bed. At first she did not like it and demanded her crib come back but after she tried it out we think it is a keeper. She has cried a bit off and on but hopefully she will decide it is safe and go to sleep. I will let you know.  My baby is no longer a baby and I am a little sad. She also started preschool but the jury is still out whether she likes it or not. She loves ballet though.

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