This is what it is all about folks

14 Sep

Mark Cahill came to our church two weeks ago and preached one of the best messages I have ever heard on sharing your faith. At the end he was telling us about his two books and some DVDs on his product table. He said, if you have money put in whatever you think is right. If you don’t, please take a book. Don’t let finances stop you. This is a paraphrase. He also went one step further. He said, “if you have a true financial need, take what you need from the money out there and use it.” Well that money helped 5 plus people. It paid three people’s rent and put food on a few others tables that would not have had food other wise. This is what the church is called to do not the government.

It was never the government’s place to provide for people. The church needs to step up and do their part. I know people are stuggling but our church of 1900 paid for three people to stay in their homes for another month and several people to have food just from a product table of books. If we banned together as a country, a unified church no matter what your denomination no person would be homeless, with out food or clothing. We need to be the light and salt to the world and this is one of the biggest ways we can right now!


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  1. Justin September 14, 2009 at 3:00 pm #

    Mark Cahill is very inspiring. I read and loved both his books.`

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