Swine Flu Survival by Dr. Oz

16 Sep

We have a school near us that has a large number of swine flu cases. This  creeps me out and I am always keeping my ears open on how I can protect my family and friends. I love Dr. Oz and I love that he has his own show. Yesterday, on the Dr. Oz show he spent about 15 minutes or so talking about the swine flu or H1N1. You can get all of this information on his site here.

Those at a higher risk if they were to get this are:

Pregnant women, young children, asthma patients, those with diabetes or any other chronic illness or disease.

You will have no symptoms for the first one to two days but you are contagious. Days three through six you could have diahrrea, vomiting, sore throat, cough, fever and body aches. Days 7-10 you will either get better or you will get worse. If you get worse you may need hospitalization. You need to stay hydrated, use fever reducing medicines, keep your distance from those in your household, if a child has it either they need to wear a mask or the rest of the family does so they will not spread the illness.

Signs to go to the ER:

Dizziness, confusion, breathing issues, blue or gray skin color, excessive vomiting, or you get better for a few days and then get worse.


1. You need to have your basic cleaners to sanitize your home, soap, alcohol based hand sanitizer,

2. Probiotics such as yogurts etc that will help put good bacteria in your gut to help you fight illnesses and boost your immune system.

3. Suppliments- Vitamin D  and other mulitivitamines.

4. You need a themometer, fever reducing medicines, surgical masks, Electrolyte replacement drinks such as gatorade, month’s supply of food and regular medications taken everyday.

5. Flu vaccine/swine flu vaccine: We all got our seasonal flu shot. For my family we are not getting the swine flu vaccine. I encourage you to do your own research and do what is best for you and your family.

These are all great things to live by whether you are protecting yourself from swine flu, regular flu or just the common cold. I would add healthy eating to this too. Sugar can lower the immune system so eating lots of it is not good for your body or your immune system.  Halloween is coming up and I know all the candy is already out. We love candy corn too but you have to eat these things in moderation. This is my word for the day!

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