Mysterious Limp

1 Oct

Peanut had just gotten over an ear infection when I noticed her stumbling around and falling. I thought maybe she still had fluid on her ear. I took her to the pediatrician where they told me her ears looked great. They had her walk and the doctor told me she was limping. She immediately wrote up orders for us to go to the ER. I freaked out. She wanted lab work and x-rays done. What I did not fully understand was she was checking for a bacterial infection that could have permanently damaged her walking. She did not have this but a virus most likely settled into her hip and has caused the painless limp. I am giving her Motrin everyday and that has helped but she is still limping. It should be gone within a week. They first told me it was reactive arthritis but I googled that and it is caused from a sexually transmitted disease along with gastrointestinal issues which she did not have so I fould what her pediatrician called it. I am just so thankful it was not bacterial fluid or something neurological. She was well taken care of at our local children’s ER. Here is the link to what this illness is called.

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