Zachary Christie is back in school

14 Oct

There should be laws to protect our students against the use of weapons and guns but there has to be grace too especially for the younger ones.  Sending a first grader to a reform school for bringing a camping item for show and tell is crazy. The school board thought so too. They have rewritten the law and overturned Zachary’s punishment. Instead of sending kindergarteners and first graders to reform school they will have a two week suspension with counseling. He has now been allowed to go back to school. Here is the full story! Zachary has learned a valuable lesson about checking with his parents before he brings something to school and I am so glad the board overturned this.


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  1. larryk12309 October 15, 2009 at 6:40 pm #

    With the way the school reacted you’d almost think he pulled it on his teacher or something like that!

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