What do you do when your ship is sinking?

15 Nov

Our pastor, Troy Shaw, preached a timely message on A Miracle in My House. I hope this message encourages you and gives you hope during the storms of life!

What to do when your ship is sinking?


A Miracle in your house


Matthew 8:23-27


Three kinds of storms we face:


  1. Situational Storms
  2. Relational Storms
  3. Emotional Storms


Three facts about these storms:


  1. Storms in life are inevitable. James 1:2
  2. Storms are unpredictable.
  3. Storms are impartial. Matthew 5:45


You are not going through storms because you are in sin or out of the will of God. Usually you are going through storms because you are right where God has you.


Two ways to respond to storms:


  1. I can be filled with panic.
  2. I can be filled with peace.  Matthew 5:24  Nothing surprises God.


What should we do when our ship is sinking?


  1. You remember God’s closeness.


Lesson: God is always with me! Isaiah 43


  1. Relax in God’s care.   Mark 4:38


Lesson: God cares about what I go through.  1 Peter 5:7


He cares about you and everyone because he loves us.


  1. Rely on God’s control.  Mark 4:39


Lesson: Jesus can be trusted in the storms of life.


God is working even when we cannot see him or feel him. God knows what he is doing. He can sleep because he is at peace. God this is your problem. The place is where we need to get to. O ye of little faith. What are you afraid of?  Jeremiah 32: 17


Fear: problem


Faith: solution

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