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Girls Night Out!

15 Jan

I am totally stressing because we have painters coming Monday to paint our house on the inside and so we are packing up everything. It feels like moving. This weekend I had several things planned before relizing this is the weekend I should be home to continue packing. Sigh! Tonight I am reuniting with some dear friends. We stay connected on Face book but have not seen each other in over a year. I am going to a healthy foods tasting party.  I am so excited yet so stressed at all I have to get accomplished before the hubby gets home to watch the kiddos! A mother’s work is never done!



14 Jan

Oh my heart breaks for this country and for its people! I heard from our local radio station that people were crying and praising Jesus in the streets. This touched my heart because we think we are going through hard times and complain yet these precious people just lost everything and they are praising God. Wow! My oldest daughter was watching the news with me and tears formed in her eyes as she heard a school collapsed. We discussed what happened! I want my children to grow up to be givers so they had some Christmas money in their piggy banks and both girls gave a little money to go with ours and we donated to Charity! My prayers and thoughts go out to all who are in Haiti!