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The Dip

31 Mar

Our youth pastor, Eric Sebastian, preached tonight and it was wonderful. I wish I could bottle his energy and drink it. He is a fire ball!

His message was called the Dip: Big God, little dip.

Kings 19: 1-18

A dip is a a valley. You are going through stuff!

1. When you find yourself in a dip, stop digging!

2. The deepest dips often occur after the highest mountain tops.

a. We forget yesterdays mountain tops when we are in today’s valleys.  b. Depression sets in like it did with Elijah and you want to worry about it and possibly even die. Elijah begged God to take him home.

3. Don’t dwell any deeper than your dip.

a. Every valley is located between two mountain tops. Your perspective can be lost when you are in these times.

4. A lot of times in our dips, the devil wants to blow the dimensions of your dip out of proportion.

a. How big is your God in the context of your dip? Depending on how you view God will depend on how hopeless or overwhelming your dip (situation) can appear. If you view your God as big then when you enter these times, you know God will navigate you through them.

5. Gentle whisper- original language represents the concept of a sheer silence, a silence that can be heard.

a. As a parent you have a way of looking at your child that does not require words this is what he is talking about. Sometimes silence can speak volumes more than yelling ever could.

We serve a God who is faithful, compassionate and loving that he will strengthen you even when you are running in the wrong direction.

God is saying get back on the right path. You are going in the wrong direction but I am hear to navigate you through this rough time a dip.
Psalm 23:4 really says it all here. He has a plan. He never promised that we would not have difficulty in our lives but he did promise to help us through it. We just have to trust him instead of falling into depression and worry over it.

This of course I needed. I struggle sometimes with life issues and I do feel like Elijah but God wants to help us through these times.

We also sang this song in worship and I hope this will minister to you the way it did to me.


Swine flu cases on the rise

31 Mar

Our local news is reporting swine flu cases are on the rise. In three months 6 people have died. So far it is still the same virus but more people are dying so it could be the virus has gotten worse. It is strange to me that this virus thrives in the heat because it died out during the winter and is now making it’s third come back. This just means we always have to stay on guard and be super careful about hand washing and taking care of ourselves.

American Idol 3-31-2010

31 Mar

UPDATE: Didi did go home. I was sad because I love her voice but there are others that are in it to win it. I believe eventually Tim and Katie will go home. The top four will be Mike, Lee, Crystal and Siobhan. I could be wrong but these are the strongest of the four.

Lee and Crystal were my favorites of the night and Mike did another fantastic job.  Andrew also did well! I think Didi will be leaving tonight. She has consistently had several bad weeks. I love her voice but she is singing songs that are way to mature for her. She does need to be more current. We’ll see after the results right? Anything can happen!


31 Mar

I love this show and I am very slowly collecting each DVD season. I was sad to see the series end but I am very glad that each season is out on DVD. On Thursdays and Fridays they have a few episodes on in the mornings so I Tivo those and watch them. He is clever, funny and always solves the case even the one of his late wife Trudy. We have several friends who also love this show. I watch a few TV series but this is my favorite!

Sarah Palin to host special on Fox News

30 Mar

UPDATE: Fox has pulled the piece on LL COOL J because it was an interview done in 2008 and pulled with out permission and placed on her new show. The show ill still air but without LL Cool J’s interview.

I figured this was coming and I think it will be great; however, I am a little sad that they are putting this on in Greta’s time slot. I love Greta and thought her show was top rated. This is a first of several specials she is doing. Here is the post talking about her new show and her first guest.

Kate Gosselin’s latest diseaster with Dancing with the Stars

30 Mar

This is a little sad to me that she is not doing well. Here is what Fox 411 said about her.  My first time watching her last week. You could tell she was so nervous. I know it was out of her element but I thought she may get better as time went on but all the pressure and travel can really get to you. Sometimes your worst fears can consume you and be a self fulfilled prophecy!

Extreme Makeover

26 Mar

Okay, my very sweet and handsome husband secretly entered me into a makeover contest at my old salon. He did not realize I know longer go there. Anyway I was chosen as one of the winners. I had a mixed reaction. At first I was really excited but then I had a knot in my stomach. I left there because the lady that was cuting my hair butchered it. It took two hair cuts later to straighten it out.  This is  funny because I never win anything. I do not hardly do anything for myself or take time for myself so this sounds amazing! While this is an amazing blessing and a day of pampering, I am so nervous about my hair. It is not all that long so would they cut it all off to which I would be mortified. I have prayed about it and now I have petitioned all my friends What should I do?  I will post pics if I decide to go for it!