Three new Shows I love!

12 Mar

I am now a fan of the marriage ref, Parenthood and Who do you think you are? The marriage ref is hilariously funny. I thought it was going to be stupid when I saw previews but then I saw the host and Jerry Seinfeld on Oprah and I just had to watch. I never laughed so hard in my life. These people are crazy but I love the humor. I also like the fact that they will only put people who love each other with petty issues and not serious ones that require counseling or something.

Parenthood is very relevant to today. The child with autism, the single mom with kids trying to fit in, the good kid that is not so good and the working mom. The entire family is dysfunctional and I love it. I love the entire cast. Some of the people I know from other shows and some are fresh faces but the dynamics and chemistry is unlike any show I have seen recently. NBC needed this comeback and I hope it will be on for a while. They have a great spot too following the biggest loser which is still a huge hit.

The final show I love is Who do you think you are? It is produced by Lisa Kudro of Friends.  It is about celebs finding out where they came from and who their ancestors were. I have always been fascinated by this since I was a teen and this is one reality show that I love. It premiers tonight on NBC at 8. My Tivo is set!

I am really shocked by NBC has some really awesome shows right now. I love it!

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