Obamacare: questions we need to be asking

25 Mar

Okay so I have had a few days to think about Obamacare and this is a disaster waiting to happen. Pandora’s box has been opened! I have never seen a time when Congress totally ignored the will of the people and the constitution and did something anyway. I am sure there are tons of examples but I am only 32 so for now I cannot think of any examples.

I am all for insurance reform. We need it! If my husband did not have his job, he would not be able to get insurance due to a preexisting condition so I applaud this pre-existing condition provision; however, forcing people to purchase insurance is not right! It is not just any insurance you must purchase, it must meet  new guildlines! My husband also works for a small business so if their insurance coverage does not meet the new federal guidelines then they will be forced to pay a fine and drop us or add more coverage. With a company of only 25-30 employees it will cost less to drop us and pay the fine.

You see where this is going right? A single payer system.

First companies will decide it is not worth the red tape or people will no longer want the expense so they will choose to drop their insurance and purchase the Gov’t exchange program. I am not the only one who was thinking about this. Here is a CBS reporter who came to the same conclusion.

Secondly, I don’t know about you but our doctor’s office does not take new medicaid or medicare patients. Now Wal-greens announced they will no longer take new medicaid patients. People will find it harder to find doctors and pharmacies to take them so people will outcry and congress will make the changes they need to give access to all so welcome: Universal Health care where all doctors,  labs, hospitals will receive payments from Gov’t.

Two questions to ask yourself:

1. If this bill is so great, then why did the house and senate have to make backroom sweetheart deals to pass it?

2. Most disturbing why is the white house and congress exempt from buying into this program?

One answer because they know this is crap!

There are 2,270 pages of this law and as John Boehner put “hell no you have not read it.”  If they had they would know that children with pre-existing conditions can still be denied insurance until 2014 because they forgot to add it. Here is a post explaining what went wrong. Idiots!

Here is a article by Fox News on 7 questions to ask yourself about this massive gov’t takeover!

Real reform would have been done in an ethically, bi-partisan way that America would have stood behind.

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